RePEnSA—Portuguese Network for Healthy and Active Aging was officialy launched in July 12th. The ceremony took place at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and it was graced with the presence of Ana Mendes Godinho, Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security of Portugal and Irina Kalderon, Policy Officer Health Innovation and Ageing from European Commission. Ceremony of Formalization of RePenSa, Universidade Nova de Lisboa After the formalization of this new portuguese nertwork, formed by the 4 National Reference Centers, Porto4Ageing, Ageing@Coimbra, Lisbon-AHA and Algarve Active Ageing, it was delivered a formal document with contributions for the Active and Healty Ageing National Plan entitled “Plan of Action for Active and Healthy Ageing 2021-2030” to the Minister of Labour, Solidariety and Social Security of Portugal Ana Mendes Godinho. “This day is the guarantee that this Portuguese network for an Active and Healthy Ageing is a collective weapon at the service of all of us.”Ana Mendes Godinho, Minister of Labour, Solidarity and social security The Portuguese population is aging rapidly! And living longer does not necessarily mean living a healthier, more active and independent life.It is essential to rethink the maintenance and expansion of the current healthcare response and also to create new models of care provision that are more suitable for the next generations of very elderly people. Know more about RePenSa and his proposals with Helena Canhão, from Lisbon AHA See the ceremony here Media Coverage (in portuguese) PúblicoAntena 1Sic NotíciasObservadorCorreio da ManhãSábadoNotícias ao MinutoSapoNotícias de CoimbraPostal